SimpleKey, as the name suggests, is a very simple program. It can generate a random password, or key up to 500 characters in length using a combination of your choice of Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers, and special characters. You may use this key for any number of things. Simplekey can also hash characters, words, senctences and even files using all of the most popular hashing methods including MD5, Sha512, and Skein1024. 




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File Hashes:



MD5: 6ae4dcc67b88bc032ee5153bff9ac8b3

Sha512: b1bad9fdd71c9f95c32cd9bcf7586becf35ebac57d41e09488af3446d14c3c2d82d990c31c37eee6fa0a19c019917d61dcd99ed2d712e6843a9ffa7b47026a60



MD5: 056cb75265d20e26f6149b8a874a37a3

Sha512: de2a1204700a487e1ac9c4b0c29ab436c9d7d95454b9892e7352b34ff3a12dbef90255b2f850ad7c775096054388aed09df5d69df16eba07aa9f72d4a1652a28


Windows x64:

MD5: a8a4ecd8f7146211a41bb8a407307d50

Sha512: 8209110813bd776d835c3153d2e0f5a754decaa86d5d1d52a51f20f17a80c907dc94c5656146ace104ce0850373d02be6c0180ee896d12a97199f2ead06ea399


Windows x86:

MD5: fe210ed209064ca61ac7622c3edc740b

Sha512: 82eb7a15900d9b75c9083bf086fbba391caf64c2ce2febdb6bf5da127ab1b90997f7a93b90c555f782843d9ff0cb936b5ec449342436af69dbbf12fde4895139


Generated Hashes
Generated Hashes
Note: The number of custom characters must me larger than the number of characters for the key
34 character key generated.
70 character key generated
70 character key generated


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